Officekit HRMS

The next Generation HRMS

Officekit is an End-To-End Human Resource Management Software with

all functionalities of Employee Management - from hire to retire.

Officekit Hrms Dashboard

OfficeKit is an End-To-End Human Resource Management Software with all functionalities of an employee Management from hire to retire process.

Solution is offered as SaaS Model with extensive Talent Analytics and easy to use GUI,easy integration with Biometrics,ERP. Visit Officekit website

Leave Leave & Attendance

Leave Recruitment Module

Leave Training

Leave Integration

Leave Task Management

Pay Payroll Processing

Pay Employee Portal

Pay Travel Management

Pay Report Gallery

Pay Talent Analytics

Provides Features to Manage Employee,relieve employees, Issue various letters, Alerts & Email Modules, Document Management, Leave & Attendance Management, Payroll processing, Asset Management and many more .

Each and every Form in the application can be controlled using this security module. Can create any roles, users and assign to them which makes this portal easy to use for any and everyone in the organization seamlessly..

Rich Ui

Rich UI

Built with crystal clarity UI framework, OfficeKit enables interaction, conserves attention and ensures that the user is always in control. Limited to one primary action per screen, we provide a natural flow to the Users Experience.

Rich Ui

Mobile Compatible

Just as we got the interface done right, the User Experience is also taken well care of with perfect compatibility to cater to all the functions from a flick-n-click on your mobile. The Management Team can also access the reports on the go.

Rich Ui

Security Administration

The Security Module in OfficeKit makes sure that only the right ones with authority are given permission to view the required documents and forms. You can create any user/role and determine that only assigned frameworks be made accessible.

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